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No. 1

The geometry is much tighter than the No. 2 and the seat & head tube are more upright, making it a more responsive, more agile riding machine. No room for fenders, but who needs them? Ride it with a fixed gear or try one of our many gearing options. Painted and assembled in Toronto. Welded in China.

No. 2

The top tube is almost parallel to the bottom tube, so there's room to mount this bicycle by stepping over the top tube. It's definitely the more "civilized" way to get on. Compared to the No. 1, the seat tube is more angled back, making it a more upright riding style, great for getting where you're going at a relaxed pace. The included fenders and chain guard will keep you clean and dry. Painted and assembled in Toronto. Welded in China.

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No. 1 No. 2
Speed Better for riding faster Better for riding slower
Steering More stable More agile
Position Lean forward Sit up
Getting on Swing leg around the back Lift leg over top tube
Fenders & Chain Guard Not available Included
Rear Rack Available Available
Colour, Gearing, etc. Whatever you want! Whatever you want!
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